“Grand Prix” diploma of the Paris exhibition of the Dnipropetrovsk plant “Svitlofor”. 1937

Dnipropetrovsk electromechanical plant “Svitlofor” was founded in 1929 on the basis of the railway workshops of the traffic service and specialized in the production of lens traffic lights with ribbed optics, transformer boxes, turn signals, semaphores, etc. In 1935-1936, the plant provided the specified equipment to the Moscow Metro. In 1937, the plant’s products gained international recognition. At the World Exhibition “Art and Technology in the Modern World”, held in Paris from May 25 to November 25, 1937, the Dnipropetrovsk Electromechanical Plant “Svitlofor” received a gold medal and a “Grand Prix” diploma for the production of auto-locking and centralization equipment for arrows and devices railway signaling. The text of the diploma is translated from the French “French Republic. Ministry of Trade and Industry. International exhibition of art and technology. Paris 1937. The “Grand Prize” diploma was awarded to the “Svitlofor” plant in Nizhnyodniprovsk. November 27, 1937″.