Methodological Council

The scientific and methodical council at the Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum exists as an advisory body under the director of the museum. The council includes: the director of the museum, the deputy director of the museum for scientific work, the academic secretary, all heads of scientific departments and sectors, leading researchers who have extensive experience working in the museum in various areas. The chairman of the council is the deputy director of the museum for scientific work. NMP meetings are held once a month. At the meetings of the Scientific and Methodological Council, the following are considered and discussed:

  • programs and plans for equipping museum funds;
  • scientific concepts, thematic structures and thematic exposition plans and artistic design projects of new permanent expositions and temporary exhibitions;
  • scientific and methodical materials for excursions;
  • methodical recommendations regarding various directions and forms of museum activity;
  • scenarios of mass events;
  • programs for the development of various museum areas of activity, sociological research;
  • catalogs and characteristics of museum collections, scientific collections, monographs;
  • credit excursions of scientific staff and tour guides of the museum (overview and thematic).