Scientific Council

Regulations on the Academic Council at the Dnepropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after D.I. Yavornytskyi:

  1. The Academic Council of the museum functions under the director of the museum as a coordinating (advisory) body;
  2. The Scientific Council includes the director, deputy director of the scientific department, scientific secretary, heads of departments and sectors, leading specialists of the museum, scientists of the city’s universities, departments of history of Ukraine, philosophy, political science, Ukrainian literature and linguistics, representatives of public organizations, societies for the protection of monuments history and culture, Union of writers, Union of artists, etc.);
  3. The head of the Scientific Council is the director of the museum, the secretary is the scientific secretary of the museum;
  4. The composition of the Academic Council is approved by the regional department of culture;
  5. Council meetings are held 2 times a year, emergency meetings are held if necessary;
  6. Decisions of the Scientific Council are formalized in a protocol and transferred to the scientific archive of the museum;
  7. At the meetings of the Scientific Council, the main directions and scientific concept of the Museum’s General Development Plan, issues related to the scientific activity of the museum, the creation of new expositions of the leading sections of topics, re-expositions, the selection and scientific processing of funds, publishing work, improvement of the forms of scientific and educational activity of the museum are considered;
  8. Members of the Academic Council review thematic exhibition plans, catalogs, scientific articles and other types of scientific works, prepared by the museum staff and approved at Council meetings if necessary;
  9. Members of the Academic Council assist the museum directorate in the implementation of the planned plans for the development of the museum by means of publication in the press, appeals to higher authorities with proposals and petitions.