Finally! We firmly say that there will be a Night of Museums! And we invite you, dear friends of the museum, to the location at 16 D. Yavornytskyi Ave.

Paid and free zones await you.

For free you can:

take a tour of the “Ways of Donbass” exhibition, including viewing new exhibits brought from the front;
join a partner event from the Museum of Resistance to the Holodomor — an interactive spinning class (using a real spinning wheel that was used in every house at the beginning of the 20th century);
listen to a popular science lecture in the open air;
join the museum fair;
listen to live modern music and dance together with professional groups;
participate in sports competitions, historical costume competitions and historical drawing (and even win prizes).
In the paid zone of the holiday, you can expect:

cool museum master classes dedicated to the ancient and medieval history of Ukraine;
the exhibition is an excursion through the history of Ukraine from the earliest times to the present from the materials that we collected “in the drawers of museum workers” (they had not yet become exhibits as of February 24, 2022);
an exhibition of archaeological heritage found by both professional archaeologists in the conditions of full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, as well as the saved ZSU;
tours of two designated exhibitions from professional, creative and witty museum workers, as well as a tour of stone sculpture, thanks to which you will learn how to distinguish “babies” by age and gender.
Ticket price: UAH 150. – an adult 100 hryvnias – children’s Ticket sales: from May 16, 2023.

For details, contact the museum ticket office: 067 447 70 14.