Steep steps lead to the second floor – to the mezzanine.
During the life of the scientist, it was a recreation room for guests, as well as for the host himself when it was empty. From the second floor, there was a wonderful, heart-warming view: the Dnipro and Zadnyprovsk steppes, where the Cossacks-Zaporozhians once raced on horses.
In this room, the kobzars, who were cared for all their lives by D.I., found rest. Yavornytskyi Here they had free housing and food, the scientist arranged concerts for them and brought them to his lectures on the history of the Cossacks, which were illustrated by the performance of Ukrainian folk songs and thoughts. And today, in the residence of the scientist, kobzars of the National Union of Kobzars of Ukraine meet.
In the mezzanine you can see a portrait of a scientist (the author is unknown, 1930s), photos of Kobzars and his friends who visited here, the owner’s own belongings: an embroidered shirt, a walking stick, a notebook, books, albums, dishes, a chair, etc.