Festival of Slavic culture “MorgenStern” (2012)

Since 2009, as part of the celebration of Dnipropetrovsk City Day (the second weekend of September), the unusual atmosphere of the Middle Ages knightly tournament has been recreated on the site near the Historical Museum (16 K. Marks Ave.). The festival is organized by the Creative Association of Re-enactors “TOR” and the administration of the Dnipropetrovsk National Historical Museum named after Yavornytskyi together with the PeopleGRAD art association, with the support of the city committee for family and youth affairs. The festival is usually one of the most spectacular and interesting venues during the holidays: a theatrical “Capture of the Fortress” bugurt, a parade of participants, knight and team battles, a shooting tournament, demonstration performances by the Dnipropetrovsk Equestrian Theater, a concert by folk musicians on the central stage. Knight duels – team and individual – are qualifications for the Khotyn international festival “Battle of Nations”, which guarantees the excitement of the participants and the implacability of the confrontation. The archery tournament is a competition for shooting bows and crossbows, but anyone who wants to can try themselves in the role of a medieval archer: a shooting range is open for visitors. The fair, organized with the support of the historical museum named after D.I. Yavornytskyi folk masters of the city and region, introduces participants and guests to the best examples of folk art. Folk entertainments – tug-of-war, slingshot shooting, throwing hay bags, running in sacks, as well as demonstration shooting of models of various medieval weapons from bows and crossbows to arquebuses and pipes, attract guests to directly participate in the celebration. The event is accompanied by a folk concert. The program includes a performance by bands that play live ethno-folk music. And of course, the awarding of participants, distribution of prizes and the closing ceremony. The festival events are designed for youth and family audiences. The festival is a good gift for City Day.