Holiday of embroidery and dolls

The holiday has been held since May 2010 and is timed to the International Children’s Day.
International Children’s Day has its own history. In 1924, an international conference was held. It raised issues of children’s health and well-being. And after the Second World War in 1949, at the congress of women in Paris, an oath was taken to fight for the provision of lasting peace as the only guarantee of the happiness of children. A year later, by decision of the session, the first International Children’s Day was held in 1950. This is how this holiday was born. This day proclaims the rights and interests of children as objects of primary public concern.
There are many problems related to the situation of children. Around one hundred million children live around the world who do not have the opportunity to go to school, more than ten million children die due to lack of medicine. On this beautiful day, I don’t want to continue the sad list of the poverty that children experience. Societies of many countries try to atone for their guilt on June 1 and hold various events, concerts, and competitions.
The holiday we celebrate before Children’s Day is called the holiday of embroidery and dolls. And, in fact, what is more related to the world of childhood than a toy? According to folk customs, the toy was born before the child. As soon as the woman felt that she was going to have a child, she began to make a toy-motanka from rags. Two weeks before the baby was due, the expectant mother put the toy in the bassinet and the two of them – mother and doll – waited for the baby to arrive.
Nowadays, Ukrainian toys are not only admired by children. Because it is not just a toy, but a living being: an adviser, friend, helper, mediator and guardian. Dolls have been made for a long time and were timed for important life events, such as weddings, births, etc. They were made so that the rain would go away or, on the contrary, stop. Or to take the disease away from a person.
At our holiday, you can see craftswomen who love the art of doll making. The dolls they make are very different, but we also have a living doll. Let me remind you that the century in which we live is the twenty-first, and our doll wants to look like a modern girl, look how pretty she is. And our doll can sing.
Ukrainian embroidery was created for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. The talent of the people brought the fruits of their imagination and intelligence to the world’s astonishment. The art of the exhibition is a reflection of the spirit of the Ukrainian people. His wisdom invested in his creations the most tender feelings of the soul, deep philosophical thoughts, which were reflected on the canvas with symbols. People have always believed that embroidery has magical powers that protect people from all kinds of evil, instill peace and goodness in human souls.
Embroidery is not a craft or a needlework, it is a high art of talents that has a deep meaning. It can be read if you look into the depths of the ages. Its content reflects the life, everyday life, which was cherished and prayed for, so that the Heavenly Powers would protect all that from all evil.
Fun contests, games and humor are constant companions of the museum holiday. Games and contests contribute to increasing the activity of visitors, who turn from passive observers into holiday participants.
The holiday is annual! Come to the museum square and witness this unforgettable event!