Kernosiv idol (statue). Age of the Eneolithic – Bronze Age

The Kernosivka idol was accidentally discovered by schoolchildren of the village of Kernosivka, Novomoskovsk district, Dnipropetrovsk region, in 1973 during excavation, probably at the site of a destroyed mound.

An idol made of gray sandstone (1.20 x 0.36 x 0.24 m, weight 238.5 kg). The right side of the stele was seriously deformed (a deep dent remained) by a bulldozer. All 4 faces of the statue are covered with numerous drawings, images made in the technique of low relief. Small ears protrude from the sides of the head with recesses in the center. The face, elongated with a heavy chin, lowered to the chest. Deep-set eyes, a nose, sunken cheeks, and a “horseshoe” mustache are depicted. The head rests on raised shoulders, on which are zigzag lines on the right, and triangles on the left. In the upper part of the stele – hands bent at the elbows and raised up. The fingers are spread apart, both hands are connected by an arc-shaped line. Under the left hand – a bow with a tightly stretched string and an inserted arrow. Directly under the arms is a drawing: a man with a tail, with a stick in his left hand, chasing two beasts. From the brush of the right hand down, there is an image of an object resembling a mace on a handle (top down). Under the hunting scene – 4 objects with handles (chisel (?), pointed ax, ax with a protruding butt, ordinary ax). Above the belt there is another drawing that resembles a turtle.

In the lower part of the stele is depicted a belt, below it – a phallus. Under the phallus are two figures of horses following one another (a stallion and a mare); above – a square (a paddock for horses?). A three-tier ornament is placed on the left side of the statue. Below the ornament is an erotic scene, below the pashka line is a drawing of an animal with widely spaced horns. Many images are on the back of the stele, on the back. In the center is the tree of life, the trunk of which is the spine, the branches are ribs (14 branches on the left, 13 on the right). Under the shoulders – shoulder blades in the form of rectangles with rounded corners. Inside the blades are schematic drawings of trees, the crown of the left tree is thinner than that of the right. A long tail hangs under the belt, continuing the spine. To the left and right of the tail are the tools of a blacksmith-metallurgist. On the right side of the stele, in the upper part – a geometric ornament (triangles, zigzags, meander). The idol is a personification of one of the supreme deities of the Aryan pantheon, possibly a Brahman – a priest.