“Night of Museums-2023” in the walls of DNIM and its departments.

Spring has arrived, it seems, for good. Life is picking up speed around the museum and inside it, which means that soon it will be time for the Museum Night celebration. That soon will be May 20.

In the conditions of war, the Museum Night will be a bit “early”, but we have decided not to change the name of the event so as not to break with tradition.

In this post, we offer you a preview of the event through 7 facts:

  • Night of Museums will take place at three locations – around the “yellow” building of our museum and directly inside it (16 Yavornytskoho Ave.), at the D.I. Yavornytskyi Memorial House-Museum (5 Shevchenko Sq.), and at the “Literary Prydniprovia” Museum (64 Yavornytskoho Ave.).
  • On the occasion of the Night of Museums, we are opening two exhibitions! One of them is dedicated to archaeology during wartime, and in the other one, you will be able to see yourself from an unusual perspective just by looking in the mirror.
  • During the Night of Museums, we are holding two contests – for drawing and historical costumes. Visitors can also expect various sports competitions with incentives.
  • During the Night of Museums, visitors can expect an archery range, a series of master classes from museum workers, an open-air scientific-popular lecture, a fair, and performances by music bands (we didn’t tell you anything, but there were previous agreements with “Kimnata Gretchen”).
  • We will conduct tours of two new exhibitions, the “Paths of Donbass” exposition (with interesting additions from the front) and stone sculpture (with reconstructions and interactives). Visitors can also expect theatrical performances and a deep immersion in the atmosphere of different eras.
  • Among the “stars” of the Night are the historical fencing club “Black Squadron” and Pes Cox.
  • Attention! A professional photographer and photo zones will be operating!

Plan your Night of Museums in your schedule on May 20th!

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