Samples of embroidery T.P. Wheat

A bag, a napkin and a handkerchief with “Alla” embroidery were sent together with letters in the distant 1938 from the Karaganda correctional labor camp to T.P. Wheat to her five-year-old daughter Alla in Dnipropetrovsk. Tamara Polikarpivna’s husband, Kostyantyn Fedotovych Pshenichny, at the time of his arrest, worked as the first secretary of the Novotroitsky district committee of the party in the Dnipropetrovsk region. On October 13, 1937, he was arrested by the NKVD authorities and by the decision of the military board of January 15, 1938, he was shot in Kyiv. On July 21, 1938, T.P. Pshenichna, as the wife of a “traitor to the motherland”, was sentenced by a special meeting of the NKVD of the USSR to 5 years of imprisonment. She served her sentence in the Karaganda camp. The Pshenychnys’ five-year-old daughter Alla remained in Dnipropetrovsk to be raised by relatives. Similar samples of embroidery on scraps of fabric production waste were sent by a loving mother to her daughter, whom she did not see for eight years, until she was completely liberated in 1946.