Scientific library of the museum

The fund of the scientific library of the Dnipro Historical Museum comprises more than 30,000 books, journals, and newspapers. The fund is divided into two parts: the rare fund and the contemporary fund (periodicals are distributed among these funds). The rare fund consists of almost 6,000 items and covers books and periodicals from the 18th to the 1940s of the 20th century, devoted to the history of the region, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and other countries of the world, with a wide range of topics: works by Dmytro Yavornytsky on the history of the Cossacks, books on the history of the Russian Tsarist dynasty of the Romanovs and individual rulers, socio-economic, political, military history, ethnography, archaeology, history of education, and culture. Periodicals include the historical-literary journal “Istoricheckij vestnik” (in full – 1880-1917, 452 issues), individual issues of the journals “Ukrainskaya zhizn”, “Ukraina”, “Literaturno-naukovij visnik”, and newspapers: “Dniprovski khvili”, “Step”, “Ekaterinoslavskiye gubernskiye vedomosti”, “Russkaya pravda”, “Pridneprovski kray”, “Yuzhnaya zorya”, “Rada” (for individual years and months).

The modern collection consists of books published after 1945 on the history of Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine, the USSR, as well as on museum studies, local lore, monument preservation, archaeology, ethnography, religious studies, art history, literary studies, the history of the book and book art, local nature, and works of local writers, poets, journalists, etc.

The library holds numerous journals from the 1920s to 2000s, such as Ukrainian Historical Journal, Kyivska Starovyna, Memory of Centuries, Archaeology of Ukraine, Museum, Soviet Museum, World of Museum, Museums of Ukraine, and the bulletin “Ukrainian Museum,” among others. The library also preserves local (regional, city, district) and central newspapers from the 1930s to 2000s.

The library is intended for the museum’s scientific staff, and other researchers can use it with a special permit based on a letter of request from the researcher’s place of work or study. The library has a reading room.

The library provides paid services.

Address: 18 K. Marx Ave, 1st floor, room No. 15
Phone: 744-82-88
Librarian: Ihorova Iryna Mykolaivna