Scythian stele (4th century BC)

A flat anthropomorphic statue with a bas-relief image of a human figure with highlighted parts. Made of sandstone, dimensions 180x68x30 cm. There is a whole story about when and where the statue was found: in the inventory book of 1948, the place of discovery is not indicated. But in the catalog of L.P. Krylova in 1976, it is written that this statue comes from the collection of O.M. Fields and found on the outskirts of Kryvyi Rih. In the monograph of V.S. Olkhovsky and G.L. Evdokymova “Scythian sculptures of the 7th-3rd centuries to n. eh.” information is provided that, according to unconfirmed reports, the statue was found in the vicinity of the city of Verkhnedneprovsk. Thus, the exact location of the find is unknown. The statue is an image of a warrior who embodies the idea of the Scythian ancestor Targitai. All Scythian statues are male, and therefore the image of a rhyton in the right hand, an akinak sword on the belt and a hryvnia around the neck is mandatory.