Tetyana Ivanovna Zvorykina

Senior Researcher of the Ministry of Education.

She was awarded with thanks and diplomas from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, the regional and city councils, the regional executive committee and the museum directorate.

She started working at the Dnipropetrovsk Historical Museum in 1973, first as a senior researcher of the Department of Modern History, since 1993 as a leading researcher, and since September 12, 2000 as the chief custodian of the museum. A central place in the scientific and research development of T.I. Zvorikinai is responsible for the creation of thematic exhibition plans:

“The struggle of the workers of the Dnipropetrovsk region for the implementation of the plans of the 10th five-year plan” (1977)
“Culture of the Dnipropetrovsk region” (1981)
“Dnipropetrovsk region during the Second World War” (1995).

During the period of reconstruction and re-exposition of the museum (1968-1977), T.I. Zvorykina participated in the development of the script for the multi-screen spectacle “Native Land”, based on which a slide film was created for the first time in museum practice.

Since September 2000, Zvorykin T.I. holds the position of chief custodian of the museum. Under her leadership, the museum computer information and search program “Museum Fund of Ukraine” was developed and implemented, which received the highest rating at the 1st All-Ukrainian Museum Festival (2005).

Contact Information:
Pr. Dmytro Yavornytskyi, 16.
Phone: 8(0562) 46-05-16
E-mail: [email protected]