Yana Petrivna Tymoshenko

Head of the department – Memorial House-Museum of Academician D.I. Yavornytskyi. Senior Researcher of DNIM.
Since 2002, he has been working in the museum, in the D. Yavornytskyi Memorial House-Museum department, since 2012, he is the head of the department.
He is engaged in scientific research, scientific exposition and scientific educational work on the topic: “Life and creative activity of Academician D.I. Yavornytskyi”.
During her work at the museum, she developed and conducted a number of creative events in the Memorial Museum, field trips for schoolchildren and students, master classes in decorative and applied art, museum living rooms, visits to the “Cossack father” D. Yavornytskyi.
He is one of the editors of the publication “Epistolary Heritage of Academician D.I. Yavornytskyi”. Compiles a catalog of D. Yavornytskyi’s memorial items.
She wrote a number of scientific and popular science articles about the life and legacy of D. Yavornytskyi.

Contact Information:
Address: square Shevchenko, 5
Working hours: 10:00-16:00 (weekends: Mon., Thur., Fri.)
Phones: (056) 47-27-61; (056) 47-27-33